Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friskies Pizza

Hey there, Nuggie!
Since it's a Saturday, I have a special treat for my boys :)
Friskies wet food!  It was my first time to see these variants so I had to let them try.  Kumo ate so much!  He even pawed Nuggie in the face because he wanted more :P
In the mean time the humans had pizza for dinner!
My all time fave flavor: cheese.  Happy Saturday, folks!


  1. Mmmmmm...we think that pizza woulda been good with some Friskies on it!

  2. Friskies pizza? NOM! NOM! NOM! :)

  3. swerte ng boys mo. :))

    once pa kami nakaorder ng dominoes here. for us kasi mas masarap ang papa johns. but ako, basta pizza and di na ako magluto, ok na ok ako! hehehehe

  4. I actually thought you made a friskies pizza, lol!

    Where did you buy the friskies?



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