Monday, June 25, 2012

Trip to Dumaguete

I can't believe that almost a month has passed since our trip to Dumaguete.  Time is really so fast and it is quite a shock to see that we are almost halfway through 2012!  Anyway going back to our vacation...   
Dumaguete's famous Baywalk
This was probably our most relaxed trip to date.  No pressure to go see the tourist spots at once since I told Erman that we had 6 days to spend here (actually just 3 days in the city since I had a surprise planned for him but more on that in another post).
We stayed at the newly opened Go Hotels which is conveniently beside Robinson's Mall.
Our room was small and simple but that was expected because the rates of Go Hotels are very reasonable.  Our room only cost us P1,200 a night :D  I reserved just a few days before our trip but had I booked earlier it would have been a lot cheaper.  At some days the rates can even go as low as P800!  I'll book earlier next time :D
We had a wonderful lunch at Dumaguete's famous Sanrival... and yes they have other food aside from Sansrival and cakes :D
Rizal Boulevard
We spent the rest of the afternoon walking and hanging out at the Baywalk where we saw many interesting things...
a green house
a stranded boat
 Scary looking nuns on a boat (LOL).  This is actually monument to commemorate the arrival of the sisters of St. Paul in 1904
newlyweds posing for wedding photos
and lovers.  So romantic :D


  1. When I saw the lovers kissing, I almost thought "Are you sure we're in the Philippines?" Haha.

  2. Truly a magnificent and romantic place. Lucky you :)

  3. It's been nearly 2 years since my visit to Dumaguete, and it's still one of the nicest places I've been to. Wala pa nung mall nun haha. I should go back.

    I love Sansrival! And their chicharon there is just sinful. It's like well fried porkchop. :D

  4. Same as Lakapati! Lol.. Great view of Dumaguete..Never been there despite the proximity (Cebu).

  5. PDA! And i do love the moss-covered branches on that tree with the newly-weds.



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