Saturday, April 16, 2011

So Lazy!

We just got back from the most relaxing vacation ever!  Erman and I just spent 3 days in Bellarocca in Marinduque.
It is so far the most beautiful resort we've ever been to.  The view from the top is really something else.
our room
Our villa had everything - a private pool, jacuzzi and
Nespresso Machine
our very own Nespresso machine in the kitchen!  I loved it so much that I drank 2 cups of coffee everyday while we were here.  Haha.
But of course I missed my boys.  And I think Nugget missed me too!  He kept smelling and rubbing my bag :D


  1. hello..coming by to wish u a happy Sunday!

  2. That's an amazing view! I wouldn't want to go back to Manila if I was there. XD;

  3. There was nothing special with the food but it's kinda nice when you eat them in a relaxing atmosphere.



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