Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hello Meow!

I was greeted by this huge black cat when i visited my friends a few weeks back. I approached my friend and told him, "I didn't know na may pusa pala kayo!" And then he replied, "Wala kaya, ngayon ko lang nakita yan!" Haha! I guess it was a lucky day for me then because I always think that seeing a cat is a good sign.

The other day i went to Ikea to buy a chair for my room. I had my mind set on getting a Herman (the model's name) chair which costs $19. Actually, I found it pretty cheap for a nice sturdy chair. When i was going down to the checkout counter I spotted a tri colored cat inside the store! Weird but true. Unfortunately I didnt have a camera on me that time but that unusual sighting was enough to make my day :) And true enough a bit of good luck was bestowed on me because I found a very similar but cheaper chair! I ended up carting a Jeff ($9.95!) home. haha! I know that there is no connection between the cat and the chair but for a cat freak like me it makes perfect sense! =^.^=

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