Friday, November 21, 2008

Meals for one

Singapore hawker food is great yet sometimes I wish I can have a nice home cooked Filipino meal... maybe chicken adobo, sinigang na hipon or daing na bangus! Although I cook most of my meals here nothing tastes the same as the food we prepare back home. The condiments are a bit different too. I bought a bottle of soy sauce the other day and was surprised that it tasted sweet!

Anyway, here are a few of my hawker and other store bought meals when I am too lazy to cook.
Chicken Rice (SG$3)
all hawker centers have this staple! The meal consists of either white or roasted chicken, flavored rice and a few slices of cucumbersNasi Lemak- prawn sambal version (SG$3.50)
prawns, cucumbers, fried egg, fish cake and a mix of peanuts and dilis on the sideAssorted maki from the grocery (SG$4)Pad Thai (sg$6)
from a Thai resto in the city


  1. nanibago din ako sa pagkain diyan sa singapore dati, matamis na matabang kesa sa maalat in general.

    maski yung mcdo at burger king, matabang. haha.

    hope you are doing great, kate!



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