Thursday, March 7, 2013

Catnip addict

 Do your cats like catnip?  Nugget seems unaffected but Kumo LOVES it!
 He always gets really excited when I hold the container since he knows what's inside :)  
A few weeks ago we heard loud crash outside.  It turns out that Kumo climbed on top of the cabinet and knocked out the catnip tub (along with a few things like our plates and a heavy book on Mitchell Guitars!). 
We found the whole tub empty and Kumo rolling endlessly on the spilled catnip!  It was so wild!  I'm not sure if cats overdose on the stuff but i guess it will be a long time until our white baby gets to try it again since we had to sweep the floor and throw everything to calm him down.  I just hope that he doesn't find the silver vine powder I have stashed in the cabinet :P      

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