Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't eat too fast!

This orange cat threw up most of his lunch because he was eating too fast again!  I saw a special bowl for dogs with this problem but I'm not sure if it would work on cats too.
Sleeping without a care in the world!
baby Nuggie <3
Any ideas how to make this orange cat eat slowly? :)  Btw, I uploaded cute sleeping pics because I don't think anyone would like to see vomit photos! LOL


  1. First of all, thanks so much for uploading sleeping cats rather than vomit pictures. Whew!

    What a beautiful cat. I've been known to plow through food as well. Sorry I don't have any hints that actually work.

  2. hahaha nugget is feelin heaven on those photos. Love it..

  3. cute ni nugget pag nakatulog :).

  4. I think I'm like Nugget! There are days I eat dinner too fast. Then the moment I touch the couch, I'm zzzzzzz. (Anyway, just for a nap, but really a bad habit.)

  5. That happened to Qish, but only on a particular brand of food. He regurgitated everything after a few minutes of consuming them. At first I thought it could be because he was eating fast, but observing him, he actually wasn't. He grabs each kibble by his paw then he eats from the floor. It takes him a reaaaaally long time to finish it. But when I changed his food, that never happened again. I hope that helps :)



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