Monday, November 29, 2010

My Baby Seal

I took a lot of photos of Kumo the other day
hello baby white
He's such an active kitty!  Running around, jumping on tables and constantly bugging Nuggie.
kumo cleaning
while reviewing the shots, I noticed something really cute.  Do you see it?
is that a seal?
Yes, I'm talking about Nugget!  Doesn't he look like a seal in this photo? :)
totally looks like :)
Hahahaha!  What a big cutie :)


  1. i thought you're really referring to a seal. i wondered how you adopted one. :)

  2. You can "adopt" seals, tigers, frogs, and other wild animals through zoos. I have adopted animals through the North Carolina Zoo before.

  3. Ohmski - LOL :D

    Susan - Yes, I've heard about that too. Maybe I can ask the zoos here is we have that same program :) I think I want to "adopt" a tiger

  4. yes, he does look like a what an imagination you have :).

  5. hahaha, Nugget is adorable, and very seal-ish.
    i love orange kitties the best :)

  6. Love it! We used to call Bitsy (our angel kitty) a seal because she would lay just like that. We bought a seal ornament for our Christmas tree to celebrate "Bitsy-style!"



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