Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's not too late

My brother and I had our blood tested for diabetes.  Though our results are within the normal range (actually, blood sugar is a bit high but still considered normal), we've decided to eat healthier.  No more fast food delivery for lunch, less white rice and no more sweet snacks on weekdays.  On weekends we can have some of the fun food but of course in moderation.  We're also exercising more.  Yay for me because I seriously need to lose weight but I hope no weight loss for my brother because he is already about 20 pounds underweight!
sugar cookies
Goodbye, yummy sugar cookies!
healthy stuff
Hello healthy breakfast/snacks!  That's 5 pounds of  whole grain cereal...  Although we are switching to just Cheerios or Nestle Fitness after we finish the Special K because I just found out that it has HFCS!  I really wish that eating healthy was not so complicated especially with all these chemicals/additives in our food :(  Organic food is not only limited here but it is also prohibitively expensive!  Hopefully, there will be more options for everyone soon.


  1. same here and i'm just hoping organic food would become affordable. making healthy choices is a great thing.

  2. wow i need to loose weight too hayy im 20 lbs overweight :(

  3. Diabetes and stroke runs in both sides of my family (how lucky can one get right) reason why I don't really enjoy red meat and only learned to eat rice in the last 4yrs. Prior to that I was a strict vegan just because I enjoy it but yes, it's pretty expensive to thrive on veggies in this country!

    If I may suggest a reading, research on the South Beach Diet. I follow Phase 3 already but if you want to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle to control your blood sugar and carb intake, this is the best way to go. 2 weeks of sacrifice is all you need in Phase 1. Overtime you'd realize pa that it's not an expensive way of living cause you don't indulge in extra rice when you dine out or devour on exquisite chocolate. :)

    Good luck on your healthy lifestyle quest!



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