Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Assumption Cookbook favorites

November is extra special in our home because this month we have 3 birthday celebrants.  My brother's birthday is on the 17th, my mom on the 19th, and Nugget on the 25th!  To celebrate we decided to have Sunday lunch at Cafe Jeepney in Intercon.  Actually, I sort of persuaded the family to eat here because I knew that they were serving Assumption Cookbook favorites :)
My older sister and I both studied in Assumption - Kinder to 4th year High School!  I guess they would have given us a loyalty award had we stayed on until College :)
Yummy buffet spread.  No dieting allowed on Sundays :)
A lot of international dishes such as Vietnamese spring rolls, chili crab, Greek salad and many more were included in the spread.
My favorite dish in the buffet was Jansson's Temptation: Anchovy Potato Casserole!  I've never encountered a potato casserole with anchovy in it.  I was a bit hesitant since I imagined that it would taste "fishy" but I was wrong since this dish was really good :)
My plate :D  Pizza, 2 kinds of salad and the best anchovy potato casserole! Yum!
But the highlight of our meal (well, maybe for me and my sister) was dessert... particularly, the Assumption tarts!  I just wished that they retained the "pizza" shape instead of cutting the crust into cute flower shapes :)

After our lunch we went to the mall and found ourselves in a music store!  I'm not really musical but we checked out the bass guitar bridge at musician's friend.  Maybe someday I will take lessons :D

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  1. I saw this cookbook at National Bookstore when I bought some storybooks for Ykaie...



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