Monday, November 8, 2010

Goodbye, NU 107

We grew up listening to NU 107 because of our dad.  He'd have the car radio tuned in to the station as he would fetch us from school.  We'd be listening to Blind Melon's No Rain and other great songs...  It was definitely a nice break from our carpool mate's mom who always played her Jose Mari Chan tapes as she drove us to school :)  (okay, nothing against Jose Mari Chan but imagine listening to "Beautiful Girl" and "Constant Change" every morning. LOL).  So it was definitely a sad day for us when we found out that the station was closing.
Goodbye, NU 107.5
Hard Habit to break.
Goodbye, NU 107.5
We passed by last night for the station's final broadcast.  We couldn't see what was happening inside because of the crowd but thankfully someone brought a laptop for the live streaming.  I kept looking up at the screen :)
Goodbye, NU 107.5
I remember calling the station when I was in High School to request for Jennifer Trynin's Better Than Nothing.  It was such a rush when the DJ asked me to repeat my request on air!  I think I even taped a copy of that!  If only I can still find the cassette... and a cassette player :D
Goodbye, NU 107.5
We'll definitely miss NU 107!
Thank you for the great memories. We will miss the "ang bahay ng bagong bato"


  1. I'm not a huge fan of NU107 BUT, it's been like a buddy I can always run to when I need to clear my head, keep myself awake and expose me to a music genre that makes music as beautiful and diverse as it is.

    I'll miss it just as much as everyone else.

  2. oh no! ang "bahay ng bagong bato" is going off the air???

    why??? they played the cool artists that you won't hear anywhere else like beck, prodigy, and for a time satiated my nine inch nails phase. haha.

    i remember DJ roxy....and i even faxed a halloween drawing i made on the computer for her. it ended up in their NU rock awards paper! dangit, where did i keep my copy?

    i also remember phoning in a request for a song at dawn, i was all giddy talking to one of the younger DJs who i knew looked cute.

    dangit i forgot his name.

  3. NU was there during the ups and downs of my life. :'-(



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