Sunday, November 28, 2010

Amorita is Love

I have been thinking about going to the beach a lot these days.  Work has been really hectic and our wedding planning is getting more complicated as the date grows closer.  There is also Christmas shopping and of course holiday traffic!  These are the times when I wish I could go on a trip and just detach myself from all the chaos.  It would be really great if I could go to a nice sunny place like Bohol and just relax.  Actually, Erman and I were supposed to go to Bohol this year but we had to cancel because of work :( Boo! 
It would have been really cool to be back here at Amorita in Panglao island.
sunbathing place
And just sit down on one of the lounge chairs and just relax.  No computers, e-mails, text massages and phone calls :)
Or just stay in bed and watch TV.  
Btw, this photo was taken from because my room shots were blurred :(
private jacuzzi
You can also take a dip in your private jacuzzi
breakfast spread
Lovely spread to greet the day
best champorado ever
where I had the best champorado I've ever tasted!
You can also make your own omelet and order Filipino favorites like Daing na bangus or Chicken Adobo 
suman with peanut kisses!
and if you still have space for dessert there is suman topped with Bohol's famous peanut kisses :)  Yum!  I really hope we can go back soon.


  1. We're going there next month! We're supposed to stay in Amorita but they can't accommodate our number. Your post made me more excited. :)

  2. @Wits - oh no! Where are you guys staying? There are other nice resorts like Amarela, The peacock garden and Eskaya(but i heard Eskaya is super expensive!)

  3. It sure does look pretty! I love the much sand, so little time!

  4. Panglao is just breathtaking. I was already beyond amazed with the resort friends and I stayed at, but that Amorita seems to top that. Hmm... How much was your accommodation? If you don't mind me asking.

  5. Wow naman! Sakto, we're looking into honeymoon destinations, and neither of us have been to Bohol. Gusto kong marating to!

  6. Dea - you guys should go to Bohol! so many lovely spots to visit there. Also Amorita has a "Romance" package which is a lot cheaper than renting the room on a per day basis. May wine pa ata :D If budget allows, get the Ocean Villa para super romantic.

  7. Ive been to Panglao years ago pero di pa dito hehe. U know tipid mode kami haha :)) Ang ganda naman diyan, Kate!! Ang sarap mag tamad tamaran portion haha! And yes, Eskaya is supeeeer mahal. :D



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