Monday, January 16, 2012

Amazing coincidences

 I always see this red orange colored bug in our kitchen.  The funny thing is that this bug matches the color of our kitchen wall!
 See!  How amazing is that? :D
I had another cool bug sighting in Batanes.  This time it was a group of green bugs matching the green windowsill.
Color blending doesn't just apply to bugs.  Just look at this camouflage kitty!
 My funny kitties choosing the box that match their colors.  Nugget in the brown and Kumo in the white :D
 And orange Nuggie matching the scratching post
 Spotting a "Kate" boat in a remote beach in Siargao
Seeing red and green while looking down from my old office!
and probably the most amazing coincidence for me so far - having not one but two rainbows on our wedding day :)  Happy Monday folks! 


  1. Lovely lovely coinky photos Kateee!!! :) This made me smile. Aaaand I love your kitchen wall, so easy to get everything! Shows that you guys love to cook.

  2. I guess the bugs use the color for camouflage? Really interesting photos.

  3. Cool shots! It's interesting how insects and animals are gravitated to their own colors. I like how the cats sleep following color coordination. :)

    That street shot is great. Perfect timing!

  4. I love the photo with the umbrellas on the street matching the car and bike!

  5. we wonder how the bug escaped the kitties watch. buster is always on the lookout for bugs since he's an indoor cat it's his only other hobby.

    emma and buster

  6. cool photos, Kate! the double rainbow on your wedding was definitely an amazing coincidence :)

    I love the new banner, btw! I hadn't noticed before because it doesn't show on Google Reader



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