Friday, January 13, 2012

Crunchy baked garbanzo beans

Looking for a healthy snack?  I chanced upon this recipe and decided to try it.  It's very simple to make too!  All you need are garbanzo beans, olive oil, salt and spices (this is up to you).
First step: wash and drain the beans.  I let the beans air dry a bit and also used a kitchen towel to get rid of the excess water.
Remove the skin if you like.  Some sources mentioned that leaving them on might cause the beans to burn but I deliberately left some to test it.  The beans with the skin on turned out fine :D
Put the dry beans with a small amount (I used a teaspoon) of olive oil in a plastic container.  DO NOT put the spices yet like I did.  I had some beans with burnt chili powder.  The spices should be added when the beans are cooked :P 
Cover the plastic container and shake the beans to distribute the oil.  Each bean should be lightly coated with olive oil.  Again, there should be no spices yet in this stage :D  Transfer the beans on a metal pan and bake for 30-40 mins at 300-350 degrees.  Make sure that you check the oven once in a while to avoid burning.  You'll know that they're done when the beans make a lot of noise when you shake the pan.  The beans will also be slightly smaller by this time.
finished product!
Let the beans cool a bit then season with your chosen spices.  For this batch I used Cayenne pepper, celery salt and chili powder.   I can't remember when I bought these spices but glad to finally use them :D  I would like to try Nori flakes and wasabi powder for next time.  Enjoy! :D


  1. Mmmm... Parang ang sarap! Kaso wala kaming oven. Hehe... Looking forward to more recipes from you dear... :)

    1. Cham, do you have an oven toaster? Baka pwede but you will have to restart the timer 2-3 times? :D

    2. Wala rin. Hahaha... I'll gather more recipes muna na gagamitan ng oven bago kami bumili. Baka gawin ko lang kasing display ang oven eh. Hehehe

  2. i'd like to try this. mukhang masarap na snack.

  3. Wow, those sound pretty tasty! We'll have to try this recipe soon. :)

  4. What a health snack! Would make a good side dish too! Definitely trying this when we're finally settled somewhere.

  5. Ooh something to make with my toaster! Tried to make something similar over the weekend but as a stew with tomatoes, cardamon, cumin, etc. Thanks to Yummy Mag for the recipe :D

  6. This is an interesting recipe. Thanks for sharing.



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