Friday, January 20, 2012

Busy Nugget and the house of Katsu

Another week has passed!  I can't believe that January is almost over.  I don't think Nuggie noticed because he has been busy all week.  His days are so packed that I think he needs a personal assistant (Oh wait, that's me!).  In a day he has almost 16 hours of sleep, grooming, 2 meals, snacks and naps in between.  So busy! :D
i can reach it!
It was also a busy day for us.  My brother and I had run errands in SM.  We looked at several things but ended up emptyhanded.  I think we will be looking online for stuff like my craft materials, avid mbox 3 mini at musician's friend and cat toys.  Since we were already in Megamall we decided to have lunch at Yabu: The house of Katsu.  As expected the place was packed.  Yabu is quite popular lately since all food bloggers have been raving about the yummy food.  We waited for a few minutes before being ushered inside.
My brother got the 120g Rosu (pork loin with fat) Tonkatsu Meal (p320 + 12% Vat and Service charge).  
I ordered the Chicken curry meal (p290 + 12% Vat and Service charge).  I asked them to serve the curry on a separate bowl.  I got very intrigued with their homemade curry because it said on the menu that it is made with 45 ingredients! 
curry soup :P
Both meals were served with rice, miso soup, sliced fruits, pickled veggies and unlimited shredded cabbage.
It's good that the cabbage is unlimited because there are 2 dressings to choose from - creamy sesame and vinaigrette.
grind it!
We were also given a small bowl of sesame seeds with a wooden pestle for grinding.  The waiter told us to mix the ground seeds with the tonkatsu sauce and use this for dipping.  Yummy!  Overall we enjoyed our meal at Yabu.  The servings are huge and can be shared by 2 but with extra rice :D

Yabu: The House of Katsu
2/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall,
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

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  1. Ako na lang di pa nakaka try, hahaha. The curry looks good~



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