Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nugget, Kumo and the scratching post

 Remember that coconut fiber scratching post that I bought a few weeks ago?
funny faced Kumo
It's still here but mostly left alone :D  The boys rarely scratch on it but they seem to think that it is a rubbing post.  So funny!
Couch art by Nugget and Kumo
Oh, my!  What happened to the couch?  Was Sasquatch here? Haha.  Those funny cats!  I don't think they will ever outgrow their love for our poor couch
chair art by Nugget and Kumo
and our dining table chairs.  This is just 1 out of 6! Haha!
Sometimes I see Nuggie sitting beside the post.  And yes, they match! :D  Maybe he thinks that the post is a part of him.
So brown!  Anyway, here is a video of my cats playing with the post.  It doesn't happen often so I'm glad I was able to capture it :)
Happy Wednesday, folks!


  1. lol! I understand all the "arts" they're doing. glad my baby loved the abaca scratching post we bought him from he was younger. we just replace the abaca when needed. i also carry him there when i saw him trying to scratch the couch. and compliment his good deeds, :) ,then his habit developed na. no more "arts" on our furniture. :)

  2. Did you rub it with cat nip? That helps. Do you clip their toenails? Check them once a week since each nail grows at a different rate. It will minimize damage to furniture if the nails are dull.

  3. maganda ang art ni kumo at kawawang couch. dizzy got used to having a scratch pole so she uses it all the time. except kung nagpapapansin siya, kasi ini-scratch niya yong

  4. Cindy - these cats are out of control :D We have the nail clippers but it is SO hard to use it on them. I think I may have to practice some more.

  5. ang kyooot ni kumo sa first pic! parang mekaniko lang... hehehe

  6. Whoa! Nugget and Kumo are serious scratchers! Just look at that couch!!!

  7. Hilarious! Hope they get used to the scratching post soon. Poor couch!



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