Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We love Fancy Feast

My cats LOVE wet food.  They love their kibble too but I notice that there is a different reaction when they find out that they are having wet food for lunch/dinner :)  As soon as they see me holding a can they both run to their food bowls and start meowing wildly.  It's the cutest!
Nugget must be thinking: "Fancy Feast for lunch?!  Yay!!!"
I think it's really cool that we found out about Fancy Feast's contest on their Facebook page.  All you have to do is send in a review of the featured flavor for the week.  I had to look for the Beef Feast in Gravy because the variants we had at home were not the ones included for this week.  Haha!  But I'm sure Nugget is happy because that means extra noms for him :)
I smell Fancy Feast!!!
 Nugget jumped on the chair as soon as I placed the open can on the table!
Beefy goodness!
Just look at that hungry face!
Kumo wanted some too!  I had to feed them after this pic because the boys were so wild :D  And as expected, the food was gone in just a matter of minutes!  Bitin!  But not to worry because tonight they will each have a can for dinner.
Nugget: "Can I please eat now?"
We'll send in our entry in a while.  Paws crossed that we win :)  Btw, just in case you may need it you can get led pool lights at


  1. Good luck, we hope you win too! We love Fancy Feast too!

    1. Thanks Brian :) We are keeping our paws crossed! Hehe

  2. Hi Kate,

    Quiet fan of your blog and cats here. :) I am also a long-distance mom of 4 kitties whom I miss every single day. (I lost 6 last year due to a mysterious illness.) I was told that my "kids" back home are getting tired of the Whiskas variety. Unfortunately, nearby supermarkets and pet shops don't stock other brands. Where do you buy your Fancy Feast? I've been trying to look for cat food suppliers in Metro Manila that I can buy from online or maybe through my sister, and who also offer free delivery or at least delivers for a minimum purchase or delivery fee. Sorry ang haba but I just want my remaining kitties to enjoy. :) Crossing 12 paws (my 4 kitties', my sister's and mine) that you win. :)

    1. Hi Mee :) I am so sorry for your loss :( I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to lose 6 cats! Where are you based? There are a lot of cat food options in the groceries near my house. I usually rotate the brands so that they don't get "food fatigue". Btw, maybe you can join the fancy feast contest too! It's until Feb pa naman. Just go to Facebook and look for Purina Philippines. They pick 2 winners per week :) Good luck!

  3. hey kate :) my cat, mallows, got constipated bout a week ago. must be too much of her food. :( anyway, i remembered your blog so i decided to bloghop again hihi. :) how's this cat food so far? i want to give mallows some. :) thanks!!!



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