Monday, May 31, 2010

Binondo Cats

I noticed that a lot of shops in Binondo and Divisoria keep cats as pets (yes, pets and NOT for siopao!) Sometimes I would go inside the store to ask about the cat and not the merchandise :) I particularly love this school supplies store because they have the biggest cat I have ever seen!

Anyway, here are some cat pics from my trip to Binondo a few weeks back.
Hardware cat guarding his spot
He barely moved when a few customers went inside. So funny!
Whoops! Black cat is busy. No time to stop and pose for a pic.
This man owns a big orange cat that looks like my Nugget!
I noticed that he has a chipped ear. The vendor said that it a mark (from the veterinarian) that means that the cat is already neutered. Interesting. (UPDATE from my friend who works in a shelter: "tipping an ear is the universal sign of a cat being fixed. This way, if a person is trapping to spay or neuter a cat, they can let the ear tipped ones go and only bring in the full eared ones to the vet. The tip is cut off by using a hemostat and a surgical blade while they are still under anesthetic. It heals fast and the ear barely bleeds." Thanks, Cindy!)
We saw three cats in Po-Heng Lumpia House. This one just watched me from afar.
While the other two were super friendly! This pale orange one is my favorite because she kept following me. I noticed that her right ear was also chipped.
and this cat's ear too! Good to know that they are neutering outdoor cats there.


  1. Ouch! Doesn't clipping the ear hurt the cat or something?

  2. Rico - I'm thinking about that too... I'll ask Nugget's vet about this

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  4. My cat Sunrise looks just like your Nugget!!! :)

  5. I love taking pictures of street cats too^^ i usually post them up in my blog n give them names^^ i think it's great to spay n neuter the cats^^ but not all, leave some around^^

  6. the hardware store cat cracks me up! so cute!

  7. Hi,

    It is good to read about Cats and as far as the bigger cat's are concerned, If you ever travel down to Iran you would see huge Persian cats too fat, tall and big, though was the cat in store bigger than you? Ehh (Hides) !!! :P

  8. Cute cats! How sad that they have to clip the ears.



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