Monday, May 3, 2010

Binondo Lines and Patterns

I love going to Binondo not just for the food but also for the sights (and cats but I will do a separate post on that of course). I like looking at the buildings, shops and all the little things that make Binondo interesting.
Filipino Chinese Friendship Arc
Colorful Carvajal street which is also known as umbrella alley. They have a lot of fruits, veggies, pastries and assorted knick knacks for sale here.
an old shop
busy intersection of power lines
More power lines here
Okay, this one takes the cake! So many wires!
In case of fire don't forget to save the dimsum!
Basilica Menor del San Lorenzo
purple fire truck
some old shoe molds
handwritten lotto results! Did you win?


  1. Great photos!

    Binondo is a busy, interesting and colorful place.

    Save the dimsum ... and don't forget the hopia. I never get tired of Eng Bee Tin goodies. ha!ha!

  2. of course! never forget the hopia - especially the ube flavored ones :)

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. *facepalms at electric wires* That looks dangerous already.

    Then the hosts in the firetruck look like cameras.

    I have been to Binondo once or twice and they're all just quick visits. ^^; Someday I will give a day or an afternoon there. LOL



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