Sunday, May 30, 2010

Honey In the Rock Café

I think I have found my new favorite restaurant in Baguio - thanks to my online friend, Gomi! Honey in the Rock Café is a quaint, cozy place that serves yummy organic food. I checked their facebook page and I love how they described their mission.

"We envision a healthy, adventurous diner, making a conscious effort to choose food that utilizes natural, organic and biodynamic ingredients. We envision an empowered diner, preserving his culinary heritage, but willing to embrace other culinary cultures, ---making a valuable socio-economic, natural and cultural contribution to food and beverage service. “Life is too short to eat anywhere else.”

Yes, so true. Now I suddenly feel guilty for eating at Mc Donald's twice this week!
Charmingly odd and colorful :)
I had a really good bowl of French onion soup which came with a side salad.
I loved it! It had strawberries, blueberries and alfalfa :)
Erman ordered Arroz Caldo which he said was perfect for the cold climate.

We both felt full after so we skipped the main meals and the desserts! Too bad because I heard that the chocolate cake here is the best. Oh well, I guess that just means that we have to go to Baguio again soon!

Honey In the Rock Café
Ground Floor KDC Bldg. (very near the fly over and BGH)
94 Marcos Highway
Baguio City


  1. That's a lovely place. I love the salad components.

  2. i love the salad too..berries with alfalfa??? nice!!

  3. Yummy food make hungry....following your blog too n StayTune

  4. Hi Kate! My family goes to Baguio often because I have a brother in the PMA, but I never heard of this place. This looks really interesting, I hope I can squeeze in a visit to this restaurant on our next trip to Baguio.



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