Sunday, May 23, 2010

Café by the Ruins

Ever since we started going up to Baguio in February for the PMA homecoming, it has become a yearly tradition for us to have breakfast at Café by the Ruins.  It's also good that the hotel we stay in every year is just a few minutes away.
The place is beautiful.  At first I was wondering why it was named Café by the Ruins...  I asked the waiter and he said that the place used to be the site of the Governor's house in the early 1900's.  Sadly it was destroyed during world war 2.  Here is a more detailed description from their website: 

"The ruins we lay claim to are the remains of a garden theater which was later converted into the gracious home of Phelps Whitmarsh, the first civil governor of Benguet. The house was built early in the last century and destroyed in World War II.The governor maintained a famous garden where Mrs. Whitmarsh, an Ibaloi, propagated flowering plants and introduced strawberries and vegetable seeds. The bougainvilleas that still bloom at the Café's entrance adorned the front doors of the family home. Those vines have witnessed the comings and goings of Baguio's last 100 years." 
Cafe by the

Pretty fascinating, huh? :)
 The café has a very nice homey feel.  I love the lights and the bamboo walls.
 Yummy local jams, cookies and strawberry wine for sale.
 We ordered the set breakfast which comes with freshly brewed coffee (Yum!!!) and a fruit cup.
 I had the Fisherman's breakfast: Daing na Dalag (fried dried Mudfish) P230
 and Erman had the Filipino Longsilog P245.  Pandesal not included in the set.
After breakfast we checked the organic market organized by La Top Fresh Organic Produce.  They have this every Saturday and Wednesday morning from 8am to 12nn.
So many yummy veggies and fruits!
 I ended up with a 2 boxes of strawberries, cherry tomatoes, a pack of blueberries and gooseberries!  I've never had gooseberry before so I knew I had to try it :)

Café by the Ruins
25 Shuntug Road
Baguio City 2600
074 442 4010

La Top
Organic Produce


  1. Hello! I lived in Baguio about six years ago, but I've never eaten breakfast in Cafe by the Ruins. The only thing that's keeping me from enjoying the food there is the price... Then again I was poor back then, but I digress.

    I actually go there in the evening to drink tapuy (rice wine) and hang out by the bonfire there. Which reminds me, I wonder if the tapuy and bonfire's still there. Anyway, it's the nighttime ambience of Cafe by the Ruins which is really enjoyable - cool breeze, soothing music (if any)... it's a nice place to spend a quiet nightout too. :)

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  3. Grabe, sobrang natakam ako sa fisherman's breakfast!

  4. @mark - wow, you lived in Baguio for 6 years! I LOVE Baguio! I wish I can visit more often :) btw, thank god we're not students anymore :D

    @wits - yes super yummy! Perfect breakfast on a cool morning

  5. It has been ages since my last trip to Baguio. I've heard good things about that cafe.

    I want to try that Fisherman's breakfast! Looks yummy!



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