Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello Nugget!

We gave my little sister a compact camera to take pictures with a few weeks ago. I've already downloaded 3 batches and so far her photos are cute! There are still a couple of blurry shots but I think she is improving each day! Here are some of the photos that she took. Let me know what you think :)
Box of dougnuts! I think I like Dunkin Donut's premium line better than Krispy Kreme. It's not as sweet and the bread is really soft.Nugget and our other sister's foot. I noticed that most of the photos are of Nugget :)
Nugget with flipped ears! Haha!
Look at that big butt!
and lastly, my favorite photo among the bunch. Just look at that cute face! I love how you can see the birthmark on his gums :) We love you, Nugnug!


  1. oh..dunkin donut got premium line? must try...dont really like DD all the while :-)

  2. oh i love the last photo. beautiful whiskers on gold fur..

  3. Hello Kate thanks for visiting my blog :D

    you've got a cute cat!!

  4. Wow, really cute little furry fella you have there =)

  5. I don't really Dunkin Donuts. I like

  6. Your sister takes great photos. I like the last shot too.



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