Monday, May 24, 2010

Bathtime with Nuggie

Ortigas is a very dusty place to live in. In just 2 or 3 days our balcony gets covered in black soot! Yes, pollution is really bad but we love this place :)
We try to keep Nugget away from the dust but all our efforts are futile. He really enjoys sleeping and rolling on the dirt! He even knocked over a pot once and played with the soil!
Everything sticks to him since his fur is naturally shiny and oily! Just look at those muddy paws on the couch. We usually bring him to the groomers (once in 3 months) but we decided that this time we will bathe him ourselves :) It's been almost a year since we last bathed him here so we were all pretty excited.
Nugget was struggling when I carried him to the bathroom. I know that he knew what was about to happen. I had to hold him down during the first few minutes but then he relaxed and just waited for the bath to be over. But he did look angry the whole time. Btw, please make sure that you check the ingredients of your pet shampoo. I read that some still have chemicals that cause toxic build-up in the fur :(
It's funny how he retained his shape even when wet. I mean, some cats and even dogs look really thin when wet but not Nuggie!
Click on Video to watch him :) He kept meowing the whole time!
And we're done! He finally looks happy again :)
Lots of shaking and licking after
more licking!
Before and after paw pics! Nug is now silky smooth and clean :)  I really love it when Nuggie is fresh and clean.  Not sure if he is fond of these baths though!  Wish he would be like my friend's cat who loves being bathed.  Maybe Nuggie will be happier if we get a new bathroom with all the fancy fixtures at :D  Haha!


  1. ang cute-cute naman nya..chubby...hmmmm..nugget,pakurot!ipsu

  2. saaay, your cat reminds me of puss in boots of shrek forever after :D

  3. So cute! And I agree, your cat does look like Puss in Boots :)

  4. aawwww . . . he is so adorable. Plus he looks like puss from Shrek :D

  5. Paw prints on your couch looks kyot! hihihi. Nugget is a good boy pa rin. At least he just waited for the bath to be over with ^_^

  6. Nugget's so huggably fat! :-)) I find the before and after paw pics amusing.

  7. A clean cat is a happy cat. :) Nugget must have earned lots of hugs after his bath.

  8. whoa.. clean.. ain't easy to make cat have a bath



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