Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Scary Sinkholes

A few weeks ago, I was obsessing about the Great Blue Hole in Belize. I know it's beautiful but the idea of this underwater sinkhole freaks me out. I remember how scared I was when I went scuba diving a few years ago... I was so scared that I never let go of the guide's hand the whole time we were submerged. Even though I saw the most amazing things, I know that I will never go diving again. I think I will just appreciate the ocean by the shore.
This afternoon I was shocked when I saw the Guatemala sinkhole on the news. How is this possible? And just 3 years after the first one that swallowed about a dozen homes and killed 3 people. It's so scary! I think I have spent over 4 hours reading up on sinkholes today. I hope that the residents in this area recover soon.
2007 sinkhole in Guatemala
More Earth holes on this site


  1. its really scary ....sign of "end of the world"?? :-(

  2. Hi,

    I have read this news from Yahoo and yes it is very scary, things like these are happening more often which make me think this is the end of our holy world :/

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  3. Oh my, that's really alarming and very scary.



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