Monday, June 7, 2010

34 candles

Erman celebrated his 34th birthday a few days ago. I surprised him with a birthday cake that had 34 candles!
It was so funny seeing such a tiny cake with all those candles :) I think I need a bigger cake for the next birthdays!
It took awhile to light them all. We kept burning our fingers! I think the technique is to start from the middle then on to the outer layers. There were a lot of wax drippings on the cake that camouflaged with the candy sprinkles! Yummy wax.
Make a wish!
Happy birthday, Erman :) I am looking forward to celebrating more birthdays with you.


  1. Happy birthday to Kuya Erman!

    I insist on getting the same number of candles as the celebrant's age for my or my boyfriend's birthday cake, it's much more fun. I get those tall stick-thin multi-colored candles in SM supermarkets, they're much easier to light up.

  2. That's sweet. Happy Birthday to Erman.



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