Saturday, June 26, 2010

4th Manila food and beverage expo 2010

We dropped by the World Trade center last weekend to check out the 4th Manila food and beverage expo.
The usual suspects were there - yummy but deadly fried food on a stick!
Take your pick!
Normal red hotdogs, beef franks, corndogs, bacon wrapped hotdogs and waffledogs
Fancy sausages also available
Yummy fresh lumpia
Big Daddy's Chicken Chop
The best thing that we tried that evening!
For p80 ($1.72) you get 1 big piece of chicken sprinkled with the flavor of your choice. We tried the normal and spicy which were both good. The chicken is not completely boneless though, but I guess that's good because you are assured that it's real chicken and not just a big chicken nugget :D
Cez Lopez's Ultimate Brazo Bars that I bought because I saw this sign
but it was just okay for me. I mean, it's good but nothing special :)
Colorful Lambanog (coconut wine)
Pretty Taiwanese noodle maker
cute food art
Huge Mangoes!
The biggest mixer I have ever seen!
Some of the stuff that I bought :) The Sanfal juice (orange variant) is so good that we finished 2 bottles that night!  There were so many things on display that night. 
Pear, Black rice and String bean juice!
kidding on the string bean - the green one is actually soya milk :)
this huge mango is 1.3 kilos
can't get over how huge it is
hmm, mango!
But beside Nugget it just looks normal :)


  1. ang laki nga ng mangga! Na try ko na din namin yang brazo sa atc, too sweet for us.

  2. @dyanie - yes, same comment here at home about the brazo.

  3. can i have that mango please :). i was laughing at that photo with Nugget and the mango. cute.

  4. Whoa, mangga! I love those brazos, we get them at ATC, but I'm the only one who likes it at home, masyado nga daw matamis. I have an extreme sweet tooth.

    Napa-Google pa talaga ako ng Big Daddy's na yan, good to know that it's also available in ATC, will try that out the next time I go there.

  5. Omg, everything looks good...

  6. Sh*t! I missed that event :( :( :( I totally forgot visiting that after I found its ad along EDSA... Thanks for these pics! It's nice to know they sell usually food there too hahaha.. I thought everything was gourmet!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Pretty Taiwanese there!

    In the UAE, we look forward to the festival of mangoes wherein they showcased at least 100 varieties. I was ecstatic the first time I touched a giant mango. :) But unfortunately, our Philippine mangoes are not joining the fest.

  9. ang tamad ko lang, super lapit ko pa naman sa world trade.. sayang

    nextime join ako! :)



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