Friday, March 18, 2011

Things that make me happy

Just another list of random things that make me happy :)  Happy Friday, folks!
furry ball shaped cats!
sleeping cat puzzle
Sleeping cat puzzle
cpk pizza
Free pizza! Thank you CPK and HSBC :)
perfect fried chicken
a box of the best fried chicken!
mirror photo
taking mirror photos
cute tomatoes
alien tomatoes
floral insoles
finding floral printed insoles at the P88 store!


  1. oh...those alien tomatoes are interesting. have you tasted them?

  2. plump matryoshka tomatoes!

    where did that black furball come from?

    i remember those P88 stores very well. they bring me the same joy as the dollar stores we have here. :)

  3. Is that Chicken Bonchon? I love it! :)

  4. I love tomatoes. Where did you find them alien ones? :D

  5. @kayni - yes! they taste the same :) I just love the way the look :D

    @ff- cute black kitty belongs to my mom's husband

    @jonna - it's Chicken Charlie :D But it's super yummy too! I have yet to try Bonchon

    @Al- found the tomatoes in the market :)



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