Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March is meow month :)

In a few weeks time I'll be turning 18... I mean, 30!  Isn't that amazing?
I have nothing grand planned.  No 30 before 30 list either...  It's a little too late for that now.  But I'm thinking of making a 50 before 50 list! LOL.  Anyway, I think I just want to stay home with my love and the kitties.  Just a nice slow day filled with cats, love and CAKE!  Yum.


  1. 30 is so young. advance happy birthday :)

  2. That's a meaningful picture. When exacty is your birthday? :)

  3. Thanks girls :)

    Wits - sa 25th pa naman :D But i'm feeling all emo at the fact that i'm turning 30 na! haha

  4. Oh advanced happy birthday!

    I just celebrated mine this weekend -- peacefully, in Sagada. I missed the kitties, but I loved my time there! It's my favorite place on earth so far. That's why I haven't blogged lately :p



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