Saturday, March 19, 2011

Places to love in Baguio: House of Waffles

[UPDATE 2/2/14: Place in now closed] Waffles for breakfast? Yes please!
House of waffles
I was so happy when we decided to have breakfast at The House of Waffles in Camp John Hay.  I'm not sure, but I think this restaurant used to be Country Waffles.
Golden waffle served with butter and maple syrup.
Mexican Omelet
We also ordered a yummy Mexican style omelet!  It had jalapeno peppers, cheese, sour cream and tomatoes.  Served with toast and hash brown.  Our meals didn't come with coffee so we decided to drop by Starbucks which is just a few meters away from House of Waffles.
Starbucks, CJH
Iced coffee and juice.  We also bought a Baguio mug for our collection.  I was also looking for a sterling silver bracelet in the shop but sadly did not find a design that I liked.
Pine trees
Love the view :)


  1. the place looks nice :) one of my fren's hwtown is nearby thr too! would defintly love to visit philipines one day.

  2. wow, looks so yummy, what more with ice cream to go with it.



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