Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ice cold Kumo on a hot summer day

Summer is officially here!  It was so warm the other day that I wanted to see how fast it would take for ice to melt :D
ice cold
I put a few ice cubes on the wooden bench outside and just watched as they melted.  It was a slow day for me so watching the ice was the highlight of my afternoon. Haha!  I'm kidding of course.
hiding from the heat
Kumo was keeping cool by just hanging out under the bench
i want to lick the ice
but he got curious when he saw the ice.  It's really funny because he had his tongue out in most of the photos I took of him that afternoon :D
nom nom nom ice!


  1. Kumo's growing up fast! And growing up cute :) I love cats with their tongue sticking out, it's as if they forgot to tuck it in :)

  2. Love these pictures! Kumo sure is handsome. Enjoy that warm weather ... we can hardly wait for things to really warm up here. :)



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