Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Places to love in Baguio: PNKY Cafe

I've been stalking the PNKY website for quite sometime now.  I love the photos, artwork and furniture!
So yes, I was really happy when we finally had the chance to drop by :)
Inside the cafe.  I love it!
They have the coolest stuff.  Just look at these vintage luggage with stickers!
My cameras :D
My camera beside a wooden Lomo LC-A shaped tissue holder!  I wish I brought my Lomo LC-A for a comparison shot :)
yummy jam
Assorted jams on sale.  I have to find out who Peter Pinder is on our next trip up.  I'd love to visit his store.  Another place I'd like to see is Toby's Apiary. 
The menu is really creative!  There are some journal entries and photos on the first few pages.
creamy chicken
We ordered the Chicken Spinach Riviera (P195).  This yummy meal was served with a bowl of tomato soup.
We also had Belgian fries which we found a bit bland.
Our bill came in a small suitcase!
PNKY is also a Bed and Breakfast.  Maybe next time we will try staying here :)

PNKY is located at 13 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City
(074) 444 - 5418


  1. Ang cute ng suitcase!

    This is my kind of place. Sana mapuntahan ko rin yan.

  2. The food looks so inviting, lovely.

  3. Peter Pinder is an artist from the UK, although he's been living in the Philippines for a long time now. I don't know his actual story, but his wife Ella is a Filipina, and their twin daughters are also artists. I dunno if you saw this a few years back, but he carved a chess set with some Philippine politicians/prominent folks as the pieces.

    I miss Baguio. I don't think this cafe was around when I lived there. I have to make a note to visit when I get back. :)

  4. The vintage vibe of the place is charming! Ditto on the vintage luggage with stickers! I guess nobody wants to decorate their pricey Samsonites like that anymore.

    I hope to visit this place next time I'm up in Baguio. Thanks for sharing!

  5. @kat - thanks for the info on Peter Pinder. I was just curious about his jams. I had no idea that he was an artist as well. cool! :)

  6. Thanks for this tip! I am always on the look for good places to chill in Baguio. Will definitely try this the next time I'm up there.

  7. wow! love the suitcase to. I miss Baguio, favorite ko ang OMG cafe bec I love art cafes, pero sa tingin ko baka matalo netong KNY kapag narating ko na to. thnx for sharing, never heard of this place,it's my 1st time to read abt PKNY cafe. :)

  8. Finally! I was able to try PNKY, thanks for your recommendation :) I never forgot about it when I first read it here, and just after my Pulag climb, I tried and loved it!

    Here's my post about it on my travel blog:



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