Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big brother

Before we adopted Nugget, we had a beautiful gray cat named Cubi.
He was such a good-natured cat and adjusted to baby Nugget right away.  Too bad I can't find photos of Nugget when he was a kitten.
good eats
The two became very close.  They were always together!
Looking out the window side by side :)
waiting for kate...
Cubi and Nugget
spying on each other's tummies...  (Cubi seems to be a bit bothered by Nugget's Tummy in this photo :D)
cubi and nugget
competing for space on my lap...
or just hanging out.  Cubi died in 2007.  We all miss him, but I'm sure Nugget misses him the most.
Nug and Kumo
This morning my heart swelled when I saw Kumo and Nugget looking out the window together.
Nug and Kumo
There were rough patches at the start but now Nugget is acting like a big brother to baby Kumo :)


  1. Cubi looks so pretty! I love grey cats.

    Aww, Nugget's now kuya. So cute.

  2. aww. This pulled a couple of strings, Kate. I cry when I miss my old pets sometimes.

    Nug-nug is a great big bro. I hope the twins will be just as good to Fuma very soon.

  3. awww, this post almost made me cry, really sweet.

  4. Such beautiful memories, past and present!!!

  5. what a great cute.

  6. <3 You'll be dearly missed Cubi. Hello Kate, it's my first time to drop by your blog methinks. Cosy place! :-3



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