Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Revisiting Wawa National High School

Last Saturday the KaEskwela team headed back to Wawa National High School in Montalban to Facilitate a Writing workshop. This was KaEskwela's second writing workshop in Wawa and since I missed the first session I made sure that I could join this one.
The last time I was here was in 2008 when we brought a few boxes of books, shoes, assorted school supplies and a computer with table :) Sadly, most of the books were damaged during Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsana)
Wawa in 2008 (left) and Wawa now. I did not recognize the school at first because of the construction. It's good that the government is building new classrooms to accommodate all the students. At least now they don't need to divide the classes into 2 sessionsBut I really hope that they make sure that all rooms are safe and 100% finished. I noticed that some that were considered finished had no walls and have wires sticking out. One room even had a huge pile of broken chairs on one corner.Volunteer teacher Joni Cham for Fiction Writing Volunteer teacher Mabi David for Poetry Writing Volunteer teacher Giancarla Espinosa for Features Writing Busy but happy learningPoetry reading. The kids wrote really nice poems :)KaEskwela volunteer Mabel We had a mini "Graduation" :)Healthy lunch for the kids! Chicken adobo, Ampalaya and Squash and Chocolate drink :)

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