Thursday, February 18, 2010

Please help me find the best Pad thai and Tom Yum

We had a favorite Thai restaurant in J. Nakpil St., Manila called Sala Thai. Almost everything on the menu was good and the prices were reasonable. The last time we ate there our bill was around P2,000 for 6 (roughly p333+ each). Sadly, Sala Thai is already closed :( I don't know why but my sister said that they changed management or something. I miss their Pad Thai and Tom Yum.
Sala Thai at J. Nakpil Street across PWUYummy food at Sala Thai

I've tried a lot of Thai restaurants but I haven't found anything that comes close. Recently, Erman and I ate at Crustasia Thai Shrimp House. We were looking forward to our dinner after reading so many good reviews and raves from friends but unfortunately the food and the service failed to impress. To start, we were served 4 glasses of Dayap juice instead of the 2 we originally ordered. The Pad Thai was sweet and had a weird aftertaste. The Tom Yum was overly salty and was mostly broth. There were only 2 shrimps, a couple of clams, mushrooms and a few slices of lemon grass. I was expecting to see coriander and tomatoes but there were none. We also ordered Bagoong rice, which came about an hour after the first two dishes. Our bill was about P1,300 for 2... definitely not okay considering the quality of the food. I don't know if it was a bad night for them or maybe we just ordered the wrong things (because I read that crab is their specialty). If that is the case, I think they should just remove the word "Thai" in their name.
We were served the saddest Tom Yum ever.
I already ate the shrimps when I took this photo but this is how it looked liked when it was served. Sad! Please share your favorite Thai restaurants with me.


  1. i didn't feel the love in cooking...

  2. have u tried soms noodle house near rockwell? pad thai is good! :)

    dyanie :) (plurk)



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