Saturday, February 13, 2010

C' Italian Dining

I've always wanted to try the food at C' Italian Dining ever since I read about it last year. Unfortunately for me, the restaurant is located in Angeles, Pampanga which is about 2 hours away by car (depending on traffic). This year since we were heading to the Hot Air Balloon festival we made sure that a visit to C' Italian was included in the itinerary.
The place was already packed when we got there at 6:30 pm. Luckily we were able to get a parking slot and a table right away even without a reservation(and on Valentine's season too!). Yay! The other people who came in after us were not so lucky because they had to wait for awhile. But I guess that's okay especially when you know how good the food is at C!
The "lobby" or waiting area has a lot of autographed plates displayed on the walls. more plates! lots of awards and citations!Dining al frescoTo start, we got pumpkin and tomato soup (p150 each) Both soups were really good! They also served us bread with pesto sauce (complimentary)We also ordered the Spaghetti Marinara (p570) The noodles were cooked well and there was a lot of seafood. I think it was a bit salty but we finished it anyway because we love salt. haha :)And lastly we tried their famous Panizza. We got the Millionario (p695) which has tomato sauce, shrimps, truffle oil and cheese. All panizzas come with arugula leaves and alfalfa which you roll inside. This was really good and should definitely be on your list when you eat at C!all rolled up! so yummy :)

C' Italian Dining is at:
1210 Don Juico Avenue
Angeles City

+63 (45) 892-4059
+63 (45) 892-6993


  1. i like the autographed plates on the wall decoration.. creative =)

  2. @peach - yes, super yummy :D don't miss it if you're going to Pampanga

    @kenwooi - yeah, the plates are pretty cool :)

  3. type ko ung marinara, but all food looks yummy!

    erlyn of

  4. Photo looks sooo YUMMY Kate!!! Now, I want to visit this weekend na.... if I only I can persuade Bubba to take a trip to Pampanga just because :p

    Between Bites



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