Thursday, February 11, 2010

A map, 2 books and a hotair balloon ride

I've been receiving a lot of wonderful things in the mail lately and I feel very thankful :) The first one is Ivan Dy's Binondo map that I won in a raffle from Just Wandering
I love maps and I'm really excited to take it with me when I go to there. The illustrations are pretty cool too!
There are coupons for free hopia, siomai and mami! There are also a lot of restaurant discounts :) A few days after receiving the map my online friend, Sakura sent me this very interesting package. Inside are 2 books, 2 mini post its, 2 keychians and a nice recipe planner. Thanks Sakura :) And lastly, I got an all access pass to the hotair balloon festival complete with meal stubs, movie passes, free balloon ride(YAY!) and a 1,000 Ayala Mall card. Thanks Marquee Mall. I'm looking forward to my trip to the festival tomorrow!


  1. what a lovely loot! lucky you! i saw that binondo wok map elsewhere online and it's definitely "eye hopia" for me!

  2. awww :) btw, with the map i can claim 2 packs of hopia! i love it :P

  3. wow cant wait for the pictures. looks like ur new cam is going to have its first assignment. :)

    erlyn of

  4. aww they only gave me a 1 day pass and an egc



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