Sunday, February 7, 2010

My camera is dead.

Just sharing some of the photos I took right before I dropped (and eventually broke) my camera last week :( I brought it to the service center this afternoon and initial estimate of the repair will cost me around 7-8 thousand pesos. Sigh sigh sigh! Oh well, we do have our share of bad luck sometimes. Anyway, I might get a replacement camera tomorrow if time permits. Yay :)
Roar! Happy year of the tiger :)Nugget has lost a lot of weight already after 2 months on diet food :) Belly looks a bit big in this pic but it's really just loose skin... Now how do we make saggy cat belly firm?Sigh! Just look at that cute face :) I hope I get my camera soon so I can take more Nuggie pics!


  1. the at is really fat.. haha..

    hope you get back a camera soon =)

  2. Ang mahal ng cost to repair. =( I saw your related plurk, btw. Will you get the G11?

  3. nugget is so fat and adorable :)

  4. hi nugget, i think you should hit the treadmill so that you'd firm up your belly. hehehe

    erlyn of



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