Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Old meets new

I wasn't really planning to buy a camera since I still love my Canon G9. I like it because it's handy- not too light nor too heavy and it takes really sharp shots :) But yes, I dropped it. Huhuhu. Actually, I think its pretty sturdy since I've dropped it a couple of times already. Also I've never placed it in a protective case. When it's in my bag it gets mixed with everything inside - pens, notebooks, brush and even coins! I don't know why I'm like this. I think I need a bag organizer or something. Anyway, I brought it to the service center and will get it back in about 3 weeks (if I'm lucky)! A couple of people have warned me that Canon service takes ages! Oh well, let's just see how it goes. In the mean time, I got myself a G11. I like the fact that it is almost the same as the G9 but comes with a swivel lcd screen. I loved this feature when I had a G2 ages ago and was wondering why they removed it in the newer models.
New meets old: Canon G11 (box) and a 1912 Kodak Vest Pocket
This vintage Kodak camera is about 100 years old already! I think it was my grandfather's cam back then :D Too bad that the outer layer is peeling off. How it looks under when opened. Okay, the Kodak is taking the spotlight from my new cam :DIt's pretty compact too! Cool.


  1. 1912? msia havent reach independence and i'm yet to be born..
    canon g11 is nice

  2. my condolences to your G2 cam. Dont worry G11 is here on the rescue. hehe

    ganon ata talaga, ako din now that our Canon S3 IS is dead, im thinking of getting the latest Canon S series.

    erlyn of

  3. It is so fascinating to see (and hold) an old camera. It's like it has seen so much of life and people.

  4. Looks awesome kate! Maybe you should get it restored. Even if it's just for display purposes, that would look awesome.

  5. Thanks guys :)

    @wits - I wonder about that too!

    @kaoko - yes, that sounds like a great idea. I'll see if i can find someone who restores old cameras :P



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