Thursday, February 25, 2010

Edsa and dinnertime doodles

They closed some parts of Edsa yesterday to give way to the People Power anniversary rites at the Shrine. I wasn't aware of this and was really surprised to see a long line of buses along Julia Vargas. It was really packed! And why are the buses tailgating? Hmm.
Later that day we headed to Burgoo for dinner.Jamila spent most of her time drawing the food, logo and random things like this cloud. What exactly is cloud (strife)? haha! We had the Santa Fe spring rolls Santa Fe spring roll drawing Yummy shrimp and friesand a huge burger


  1. i love burgoo's santa fe spring rolls! i've been meaning to (try to) copy the recipe, but i'm a bit lazy :I

  2. those are cute drawings!

    i've only eaten at burgoo once, at MOA.

  3. Cloud Strife is actually the main character of the PS1 game Final Fantasy 7 and the movie sequel Advent Children. Yes, I am a geek. Love reading your blog, Kate! Congrats on the engagement by the way!




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