Wednesday, July 30, 2008

time for a coffee break!

Thanks to my 9 day vacation I am now swamped with work! I've been having 12 hour work shifts for the past week... yes i know i work from home but still! anyway, took a few of my friends and headed to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for a well deserved coffee break this afternoon. There's always time for coffee... right? haha! :) Btw, talking to your toys is a clear sign that you definitely need to take a break!we're here!one cappuccino please!an oatmeal raisin for meand a yummy bran muffin for...... mr. giant bot!whoops! i think it's time for a refill!want some more, mr. yellow?mr. red poses by the window!

this is my coffee bean and tea leaf story


  1. hey!I found the coffee candy at the has 3 flavors..thanks for visiting mg blog...



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