Saturday, July 12, 2008

all set and ready to go on a vacay!

finally finished a few last minute requests from my clients. argh. my stress level has been on high this whole week! haha. now i have about an hour left to pack for my 9 day vacation. yey! my luggage will contain the following items:

1. 1kg frozen hotdogs (for a friend)
2. 1 huge can of tuna (for a friend again)
3. 5 pairs of pants (only 3 are mine)
4. 3 books (2 photoshop books for Tye and my Love in the time of Cholera by GGM)
5. my clothes and toiletries
6. cameras (i plan to bring 3)
7. a few bots and...
9. NUGGET (i wish!)

all set!


  1. nyak! one huge can of tuna! hehe.

    See you, kate!:-)



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