Tuesday, July 1, 2008

all the way to Montalban.

after weeks of preparation, we finally made it to Montalban last Saturday, June 28. our initial shoe delivery was scheduled last June 22, Sunday but was postponed due to the typhoon.

the road leading up to macabud elementary school is long and rough... i cannot imagine how some of the kids are able to walk for hours in bare feet! i felt really happy that we were able to collect a lot of footwear for them-- thanks to all the generous donors! aside from the shoes we were able to collect umbrellas, raincoats, clothes, bags, school supplies and food! yey!
all lined up!waiting for the goodies!
each kid brought home a pair of shoes and or slippers, socks
an umbrella or raincoat, a school bag, a pencil, 2 shirts or pants
and a plastic bag containing 2 cartons of milk and 2-3 milo sachets!
Feeding time!
a yummy plate of spaghetti or pansit, pandesal and chocolate milk Yummy!


  1. Kate! I have a pair of rubber shoes I've been wanting to give to charity.

    Pag-uwi ko pwede pa bang ihabol un?

  2. that's karl's red and black checked vans on top of the pile! peke, pero isang beses lang ginamit, woohoo!

  3. yes! it won the cutest shoe award! hahaha :)

  4. ang saya! i bet it felt great at the end of the day!



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