Wednesday, July 9, 2008

red hot.

we have 3 kinds of pepper growing in our balcony: the one used for sinigang, a fat small one and the normal thin pepper used in sauces. i love having a mini garden of edible plants. although my friend, grace is always warning me that peppers are highly toxic to meows! waah. good thing nugget only has a fixation on grass (the lawn variety) oh, and also saba. haha!
* * *
so far we have the following fruit/vegetable bearing plants:
1. ginger
2. squash (still waiting for it to come out)
3. small red pepper
4. big red pepper
5. normal red/green pepper
6. calamansi (still a baby)
we also had an eggplant -plant (hahaha, sounds funny- eggplant plant!) but my cat, cubi killed it.

btw, peppers in the photo were from yesterday's harvest :)

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