Tuesday, July 22, 2008

singapore is cat country.

Singapore is definitely cat country! i mean, what other country has a cat (um, merlion pala) as its symbol? me-ow!
i was able to spot a few wild meows too unlike in Hong Kong where stray animals are nowhere to be seen (except birds). in the grocery i saw a few cat adoption ads complete with cute photos. i really hope those kitties get adopted soon. anyway, here are a few meow sightings in the Lion city :)

giant merlion at Sentosa

water spitting merlion in the city

wild lion at the temple in little india

a green temple lion (still in little india)

a meow themed resto at glutton bay (near the esplanade)

an ad for neutering

meow sightings at the Singapore zoo and the night safari!


  1. Ang daming cats!

    Kate, it's a sign! hehehe

  2. kitties! ganyan na pala sa SG



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