Sunday, July 6, 2008

my lola wants to clean my room :(

my room has been messy all my life. i would have like 1 or 2 cleaning sprees within the year wherein my room stays orderly for say 3 to 5 days... and then after that it goes back to its normal messy state. i love my room the way it is. i am comfortable and believe it or not i know where everything is. but my messy room is not to be mistaken for bad hygiene! i change the sheets often, empty out the trash and sanitize my keyboard and mouse almost everyday :) most of the stuff on the floor are composed of paper-- fliers, postcards, magazines, RECEIPTS, greeting cards and the like. i put the word receipts in all caps because i am hoping that i will be the next BIR millionaire. i have a whole collection of receipts still waiting to be texted (you text in the number, tin, amount...). will get around and do that this week.  I keep finding random things in the mix.  I do wish though that i found full extension drawer slides so I can dump all my stuff inside :D
* * *
yesterday, my grandmother came in and said: "kate, i love you. i don't mean to disrespect but do you think i can clean your room?" NOOOOOOO... i better do my own cleaning NOW or else i am dead! i will be on a 9 day vacay to Singapore next week and i'm so worried that she will sneak in while i am away. (Btw, my lola just got back from San Francisco after about 15 years) oh, i won't be locking the door since my little sister wants to sleep in my room during that time. waa! 


  1. I'm happy to see a room messier than mine ^_^

  2. i love it the way it is. waah.

  3. go clean up, kate. Gooo!! hehe

    (Suddenly I feel sooo OC!)



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