Monday, December 7, 2009

Early Christmas at Malaban East Elementary

We were initially worried when we received another urgent plea for help right after our relief operation at Malaban Elementary School. We were not sure if we had enough resources for 722 kids! Amazingly though, we were able to raise enough. Thank you once more to all who contributed to this project and helped make a lot of kids happy :)
boxes and boxes of goodies!
excited kids waiting by the door
yummy cookies
Cookie Team!
Anamaine and Marco from Perth-Manila Book Project and some of the school staff helping repack all those yummy cookies for easy distribution
Pencils, pens and sharpeners
and erasers! I had no idea that Kangaroos look like dinosaurs :P heheEach kid got an eco bag containing the following items: 3 notebooks, 1 pad paper
1 pencil case, 2 pencils, 1 ballpen, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 bath soap, 1 toothbrush
3 sachets of toothpaste, 1 banana, 1 bag of cookies and a choco drink!
Aside from the school supplies, each kid was able to pick 1 item from our assorted goods room!Aside from canned goods and personal hygiene products we also had a lot of cool toys and booksZOMG! someone even donated the whole 30 years of kitty collection!!!cute cat coin purse
What do i pick? Must have been hard to choose from so many nice things :)I want that!yay!books for the library!
volunteer Fer and Principal Rowena Ramos pose for a picture


  1. i like the gen-as-a-cat picture. haha


  2. Kate,

    may I grab some of the pics? :)

  3. @Fer- go ahead :) I have to upload pa the packing and other KaE activities :)

  4. That a great project. Thumbs up.

    Awww wla na bang hello kitt hehhee!!!1

  5. Woww, so beautiful to see happy children, so beautiful to see people helping children.. Well done,
    from Istanbul



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