Monday, December 14, 2009

Let's share our blessings with the animals at PAWS

Reposting this message I got from my e-mail :) Let's all make those lovable kitties and doggies happy this Christmas! btw, photo of orange kitten on the side was taken by me in Divisoria :( I really hope that more homeless cats and dogs get adopted into loving homes this coming year.

* * *
Dear friends,

Our shelter cats are in need of old newspapers and cat food - both canned and dry. Please do donate in kind to the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (

Daisy, our three-legged cat is still at PARC, waiting to be adopted. She is joined by three other cats in need of special care.

1. Snowy - a completely blind cat brought in by a student from Ateneo
2. Dolores- a tri-colored cat who was hacked by a knife or bolo and was found in UP.
3. Matthew - who was brought into our shelter with an infected eye and broken jaw. He can only eat soft /wet cat food.

Please do take time to visit to drop off whatever cat food you can spare and give our shelter cats some badly needed Christmas cheer. They promise to reward you with generous purrs.

Thank you.


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  1. Hi! I chanced upon your blog while searching for Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. But my comment is about animal welfare. It breaks my heart to see so many animals (especially dogs and cats) dead on the streets of Metro Manila, apparently run over by a vehicle. What can one do to stop this? How can one spread the word about responsible pet ownership? Does PAWS have a program for this? How can I help?



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