Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tiki Cat Wild Salmon

Thanks to our dear friend Oreo for sending over a yummy can of wild salmon for my "birthday". I've never had Tiki cat before so I was really excited when I saw Kate holding the can instead of the kibble box before feeding me :)

sniff! I want to eat it now!Meow!!!

"Tiki Cat Hanalei Luau Wild Salmon In Salmon Consomme Canned Cat Food is manufactured in a human-grade factory and are truly human-grade quality. All products are made with whole meat from preferred, premium portions of seafood that are left whole and intact verses traditional meatloaf or other mystery meat pates. All meat ingredients are called out in the primary flavor names without mystery or unnamed "ocean fish", chicken and other inferior filler meat sources." - product info taken from animal world network site

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