Saturday, December 12, 2009

Old buildings in Divisoria

I love looking at this old building in Divisoria. I wonder what it was and when it was built.It must have been really nice when it was built. The details are amazing. I hope I can find more information on this building. I also hope that they don't tear it down completely :(

The Remnants Center is also as interesting. I am actually amazed that it is still occupied! There are a lot of stores on the ground floor and I think people live on the second and third floors.The name suits the building well now but I wonder why it was named "The Remnants Center" to begin with. 


  1. Great series!

    i love the pre-war and postwar buildings of Manila especially the ones in Binondo. But these from Divisoria are a gem!

  2. Ei..I know what's the name of this classic's Orraca Building (I'm not sure in my spelling) as what my Grandma told's been there even before my Grandma came to Manila in the late 1940's....They said that it was raged by fire during the War before that's why the upper floors are abandoned..May multo daw kasi..hehe Ü

  3. Hi! The name of the buildings in the first photos are the "Ides O'Racca Building." Sadly, it is being demolished right now :(



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