Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Lunch

I love the weekends because during the weekends we have family time. And family time means food! We usually eat out or take time to prepare a nice meal at home. I prefer the latter because nothing beats a nice home cooked meal :) Sadly, we have been either eating out or having food delivered for almost 2 weeks now since our kitchen is being renovated. Hopefully things will be okay soon especially that Christmas is just around the corner. I can't wait so we can cook these again!
Veggie kare-kare, chicken adobo, lumpiang shanghai and green mango saladpork bbq and yummy crabs!cheesy spaghetti and mutigrain loaf. I did not bake this loaf, but hopefully I can bake something like this soon :)


  1. OMG those are HUGE crabs! sarap naman may kare-kare pa!

  2. yeah, we had about 6 huge crabs that time :D the pics are from 3 different lunches pala. hahaha



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